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last update: 16 december 2000

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These lists are used by the writers to write, for that is what these lists are used for.

Anyone may write our story. It is an easy task. Join the list below. Post your entry as a message to the list. If it is truly bad, like the spoiled meat of the tuna or the most recent movies of Spielberg, it will be added to the story.

A Bad Hemingway Story:
An ongoing original saga written in best and worst of the language and style of Ernest Hemingway. So grab your mojito and join us and add your own talent or lack thereof. For that is what lovers and haters of Hemingway must do. The content of this story is copyright 1999-2000 by all the contributors.

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Bad Hemingway Discussion:
This is the discussion/commentary companion list for A Bad Hemingway Story. This list is meant for criticism, praise, and general discussion regarding the story plot, style (or lack of), and other topics.

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